trailer repair

Trailer Repair Service

Orangecountymobileautorepair trailer repair shop services will help you with any trailer repair need. We offer repair services for all types of trailers including: boat trailer repair, utility trailer repair, semi trailer repair, tractor trailer repair, horse trailer repair, cargo trailer repair, car trailer repair, and more!

With our mobile trailer repair services . From simply repairing damaged or worn parts of your trailer to ensuring all of the wiring works, we can help! In addition we also offer trailer customization. If you’d like better loading ramps, dividers, fencing, roofing, or any custom design we can help you. If you are looking for mobile trailer repair service, no worries We are providing Trailer Repair server at various location near to you: Check out our various Trailer repair services:

  • Trailer repairs near me
  • Boat Trailer Repair
  • Utility Trailer Repair
  • Semi Trailer Repair
  • Horse Trailer Repair and more.

Cargo Trailer Repair

Bring us your project to discuss the details and we will help you customize your trailer to fit the needs of your company or your needs as a recreational trailer. From horse trailers to boat trailers along with commercial trailers we can handle any job no matter how big or small. When you need the best Orangecountymobileautorepair. delivers!


Common Types Of Trailer Repair Projects

Simply stated we handle all types of trailer repair. Below you will find the common types of trailer repair projects that our clients bring us. From a bent or broken axle hitch and structural repair we can handle any project you bring us. We supply parts for trailers and offer the highest quality welding in the valley. Let’s get your trailer repaired right so you can rely on it and get back to work, or play.

Structural Trailer Repair

Whether it is repairing worn or damaged sections or customization of your trailer orangecountymobileautorepair welding has you covered. Many times during use trailers can get abuse and parts can be bent or broken completely. Loading ramps are a common spot where trailers get damaged and will need repair. Trailer roofs can also get damaged by low hanging limbs or severe weather while driving and end up needing repair.

Trailer Hitch Repair

No matter what kind of trailer you’ve got it has to attach to the truck. Trailer hitches are the main point of contact from the truck to the trailer and do all of the work in keeping the two hooked together. Excessive weight, abuse, corrosion, and even trailer sway can wear trailer hitches out. orangecountymobileautorepair’s welding can repair a hitch or replace it entirely to ensure that you have a safe and rock solid towing platform.

Trailer Axle Repair

A lot of recreational trailer use takes them into rough terrain. It’s not uncommon for the axles to see some abuse. If a boulder is driven over and the axle is dented or bent it can severely limit your trailers ability to be pulled and even prevent it from being safely towed. This is where our trailer repair service comes into play. We can come to your home and fix your trailer so it can get back to work, or fun.