How Do Car Brakes Work?

car brakes

We all know the actual purpose of a car brake and also understand its importance, but any of you ever wonder how they actually operate? Here we have given some key features and information about the operation of car brakes and how it stops your car.

What Happens When You Hit the Brakes?

When you press your foot on the brake, it forces the lever to push a specific piston into a part which contains hydraulic fluid normally described as master cylinder. Then followed by the hydraulic cylinder other cylinder next to your brakes gets filled. In simple words once the pedal is pressed and then hydraulic pressure is sent to the other cylinders directly from master cylinder. The hydraulic braking circuit also employs pipes that connect the cylinders which contains hydraulic fluid.

Basically this system uses the force of your foot on the brake pedal to apply brakes and the car multiplies that force to accumulate enough force to apply brake. The brakes transmit this force to the tires with enough friction.

What are the Different Parts?

One of the most important part of your car is your car brakes, as it is the only thing which can stop your car from hitting into obstacles, so it is crucial that all parts involved in the process should be in excellent condition. We have given some information about the components involved in the car braking system.

  • Piston:It is basically a cylindrical plug attached to the rod on one end and closed on the other and the force is relayed throughthe piston to the rod.
  • Cylinders:The hole that contains pistons is the master cylinder, which is the part where system pressure is produced and task of the other cylinders is to generate movement. Wheel cylinders are used in drum brakes.
  • Caliper:This is the part which is involved with the disc brakes, it forms the cylinder containing piston and brakethe pods, which allows braking by acting on a rotating disc.
  • Brake Pads: These components normally cover the disc and clamps to reduce motion from each side. These takes force received from piston and converts that force into kinetic energy of the car to thermal energy using friction.
  • Brake Shoe: The brake shoe is normally used with drum brake system. This is the metal carrier which has the friction linings attached
car brake different parts
Car Brake Different Parts

Brake Repairs We Offer

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