Prepare Your Car for a Summer Road Trip

summer road trip

Everyone enjoy a long camping trip once in a while and it’s an amazing experience going on camping or fishing with family and friends and in order to properly enjoy the entire trip without any bad experience, the first thing you would like to make sure that the vehicle which you will be driving is running smooth and more importantly it will be well equipped to endure summer heat, hence before you make yourself ready for a warm summer road trip you have to make your vehicle ready for that trip, so you and your family member can have a beautiful experience of that trip. Now let’s think what are the best ways to prepare your car for a summer trip? For starters you have to check the tires, air conditioning and fluid level is the most important thing to check, before go start any road trip.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is the most important thing you have to consider first, as you and your family members won’t like to sweat you’re to the camping area, so first of all it is really necessary that you let a professional inspect your air condition and replace or repair the parts, if required. Because now a days it gets too hot in summer and you will want your best companion at your service to save you and your family members from that burning heat of summer. If you’re  A/C is blowing hot air or simply not working, then we say get you’re A/C inspected by Orange County Mobile Mechanics. Our Team of experts are always at your service whenever you need us and we are more than happy to assist you with your A/C issue and our expert professionals offers various service like AC Condenser, AC Compressor Replacement, AC Condenser Fan Replacement, AC Recharge and AC Low Pressure Hose Replacement.


More importantly you will also like to get your tire checked before you leave for your trip, as you won’t be enjoying your trip with your family members with a flat tire in middle of nowhere, so it is extremely important that your tire should be inspected by the qualified professionals for uneven cuts, wearing, tread life, etc. This way it can be replaced, if required and you can totally avoid further damage or inconvenience. It is also very important that you make sure that your spare tire is in perfect condition before you leave for your trip, as a spare tire is the only life saver in times of a flat tire in the middle of your trip and you might never know if you might need to use it the emergency. It is also extremely important that the tires should be rotated about every 5,000 miles to extend the life span of tires, ensure wear and improve gar mileage. Here at Orange County Mobile Mechanics our team of expert professionals can inspect your tires and make sure they are in perfect condition and also offers services like Spare Tire Installation, Tire Rotation and Tire Replacement.

Fluid Levels

We all agree that we can’t image a long trip without a proper air conditioning unit in our car, so your car also can’t function properly without proper cooling system and this is the only thing which saves your car from overheating especially in the hot summer months. Hence the best way to make sure that all the parts in your car functions smoothly is to check all the fluids of your car which also includes power steering, coolant, brake, transmission fluid and windshield wiper. More importantly make sure you change the engine oil and oil filter, if required. It is extremely important to maintain proper fluid levels in your car to prevent any kind of damage to the parts and save yourself from any kind of inconvenience.

Orange County Mobile Mechanics, fluid services include:

  • Transfer Case Fluid Replacement
  • Differential Fluid Service (Rear Axle Oil Service)
  • Clutch Fluid Replacement
  • Brake System Flush
  • Top off Coolant
  • Cooling System Flush
  • Oil Change and Filter
  • Power Steering Fluid Service
  • Transmission Fluid Service
Brakes Flushing
Brakes Flushing

Get Ready for a Summer Road Trip with Orange County Mobile Mechanics

Here at Orange County Mobile Mechanics our team of expert professionals with years of experience can offer verity of inspection and diagnostics, so we can properly analyze the issue and provide you the best result. Using the services of Orange County Mobile Mechanics you can enjoy reliable repairs and automobile maintenance, while enjoying the comforts of your premises. Hence to schedule your affordable and honest service today, feel free to call us on 714-709-4594.

How Do Car Brakes Work?

car brakes

We all know the actual purpose of a car brake and also understand its importance, but any of you ever wonder how they actually operate? Here we have given some key features and information about the operation of car brakes and how it stops your car.

What Happens When You Hit the Brakes?

When you press your foot on the brake, it forces the lever to push a specific piston into a part which contains hydraulic fluid normally described as master cylinder. Then followed by the hydraulic cylinder other cylinder next to your brakes gets filled. In simple words once the pedal is pressed and then hydraulic pressure is sent to the other cylinders directly from master cylinder. The hydraulic braking circuit also employs pipes that connect the cylinders which contains hydraulic fluid.

Basically this system uses the force of your foot on the brake pedal to apply brakes and the car multiplies that force to accumulate enough force to apply brake. The brakes transmit this force to the tires with enough friction.

What are the Different Parts?

One of the most important part of your car is your car brakes, as it is the only thing which can stop your car from hitting into obstacles, so it is crucial that all parts involved in the process should be in excellent condition. We have given some information about the components involved in the car braking system.

  • Piston:It is basically a cylindrical plug attached to the rod on one end and closed on the other and the force is relayed throughthe piston to the rod.
  • Cylinders:The hole that contains pistons is the master cylinder, which is the part where system pressure is produced and task of the other cylinders is to generate movement. Wheel cylinders are used in drum brakes.
  • Caliper:This is the part which is involved with the disc brakes, it forms the cylinder containing piston and brakethe pods, which allows braking by acting on a rotating disc.
  • Brake Pads: These components normally cover the disc and clamps to reduce motion from each side. These takes force received from piston and converts that force into kinetic energy of the car to thermal energy using friction.
  • Brake Shoe: The brake shoe is normally used with drum brake system. This is the metal carrier which has the friction linings attached
car brake different parts
Car Brake Different Parts

Brake Repairs We Offer

Here at Orange County Mobile Mechanics we offerBrake Pad Replacement, Emergency/Parking Brake Cable Replacement, Brake Caliper Replacement, Brake System Flush, Brake Master Cylinder Replacement, Power Brake Booster Replacement, Brake Rotors/Discs Replacement, Brake Wheel Cylinder Replacement, Emergency/Parking Brake Shoe Replacement, Brake Drum Replacement, Brake Shoe Replacement, ABS Control Module Replacement and Brake Hose Replacement.

Maintain your Car Brakes with Orange County Mobile Mechanics

Orange County Mobile Mechanics is at your service whenever you need us. Our team of professional mechanics is at your disposal even if you have a road-side emergency or if you’re looking for a seasonal maintenance. To schedule your affordable and honest service today, feel free to call us on 714-709-4594.