Troubleshoot an Air Conditioning Problem in Your Car

Car air conditioner

Summer is knocking at our door and we better be ready for it and many drivers are extremely frustrated from their air conditioning system, as it is blowing lukewarm air at them. We all agree on that fact that it leaves us in frustrating situation, if our air-conditioning system fails to provide better results in hot summer days. Honestly there are many ways to troubleshoot that issue and save yourself from that despair. By trouble shooting you’re a/c system you can easily identify the fault and get it repaired by the qualified professionals.

Finding Your Air Conditioning Problem

The first thing you should do is kick start your car and set the a/c to its highest settings and feel the air weather it is lukewarm, cool or cold. If the air blown by you’re a/c system is lukewarm or it’s is cool and not icy chill as you would prefer having at the highest settings, then you could be having a problem with the air flow.You can simply replace the air filter as a quick fix to that issue. A lack of cold air can also be due to failed hose or vacuum leak, damaged evaporator, failed switch or fuse, Freon leak or failed blower motor. In that case you should consult a qualified professional for assistance and let them inspect and repair the problem.

Check the Compressor

Another thing which is responsible for a proper operation of your car’s a/c system is compressor and if the compressor is not functioning properly, then it could be the main reasons of you’re a/c system malfunction. Here at Orange County Mobile Mechanics our team of qualified professionals can properly inspect the a/c system of your car to see if the clutch is engaged properly. If the clutch fails to engage properly, then one might have to replace the compressor or refill it with refrigerant. Our team can inspect the wiring that leads to the compressor, as in some cases a/c system of the car behaves abnormally when wiring is damaged, so our team can properly inspect the issue and make replacements, if required.

Car Air Conditioner Compressor
Car Air Conditioner Compressor

Diagnosis for Leaks

In ample of occasions a/c system of the car also has leakage. Here at Orange county Mobile Mechanics our team of qualified professionals can use a special leak detection technique to pin point any problems in your car’s a/c system, with years of experience and specialized knowledge our team can easily identify cracks or pinholes that are virtually invisible to naked eye. Out team of experts can fully troubleshoot the a/c unit of your car and restore you’re a/c system to good condition, if they find any leakage.

Solve Your Air Conditioning Problem with Orange County Mobile Mechanics

Here at Orange County Mobile Mechanics our team of expert professionals with years of experience can offer verity of inspection and diagnostics, so we can properly analyze the issue and provide you the best result. Using the services of Orange County Mobile Mechanics you can enjoy reliable repairs and automobile maintenance, while enjoying the comforts of your premises. Hence to schedule your affordable and honest service today, feel free to call us on 714-709-4594.