Why You Should Check Car Engine Before Purchasing Used Cars ?


Check Service Records

In most cases the service records are not always available for all used cars, however, if it is available, then it might help you to know whether the vehicle was maintained regularly. It also gives you a rough idea about the mileage of the car and how frequently the oil changes were conducted. Once you enlighten yourself with the oil change records, then it becomes extremely convenient for you to know the exact condition of the engine. If the previous owner of the car has not conducted oil change in the car as per the recommendation is given by the professional, then the engine would be worn out. Another thing that the records can help you out with is the timing belt. If the timing belt was replaced, it is good for the car. If not, it cost you a good amount of money. Always remember that one has to replace the timing belts every 61,000 to 100,000 miles.

Check Engine Light

Always make sure all the warning lights are off after the car is started, as if the check engine light starts blinking when you start the car for a test drive, then it means that there is something wrong with the car-related to engine or the engine itself. It could be anything a minor problem or something major that can cost a large amount of money.


Visual Inspection

Inspect the vehicle from inside-out for all things necessary before purchasing the used car and if you think that you lack the ability of proper inspection, then it is always good to hire a professional to do a pre-purchase inspection of the car. Pre-purchase inspection by the professional includes various diagnoses such as inspection for corrosion, leakages, burnt oil smell, engine oil level, coolant level, etc. This would help understand how the previous owner has maintained the car and you can get most of the idea about the true condition of the car. It is probably not a good idea to purchase that car if you find any alerting signs.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

A pre-purchase inspection is a detailed report created by the professional mechanics that are designed to verify the condition of a particular vehicle, which involves various factors such as Car interior and exteriors, mechanical condition and more importantly safety- features of a car before the purchase. A pre-purchase inspection can highlight various factors such as unreported car accidents, safety issues and the requirement of possible repairs necessary for the long-term well-being of a vehicle.

Check For Modifications

Inspection for modification is really important before you go ahead and purchase a used car as if the used car has been modified, then it can be for the end number of reasons. For instance, either modification can be done by the previous owner for the good of the car or to use it for racing or enhance the power. However, in such a case, it would mean that the car would face many problems and you might also have a hard time finding the parts for the car.

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