How Do Car Brakes Work?

car brakes

We all know the actual purpose of a car brake and also understand its importance, but any of you ever wonder how they actually operate? Here we have given some key features and information about the operation of car brakes and how it stops your car.

What Happens When You Hit the Brakes?

When you press your foot on the brake, it forces the lever to push a specific piston into a part which contains hydraulic fluid normally described as master cylinder. Then followed by the hydraulic cylinder other cylinder next to your brakes gets filled. In simple words once the pedal is pressed and then hydraulic pressure is sent to the other cylinders directly from master cylinder. The hydraulic braking circuit also employs pipes that connect the cylinders which contains hydraulic fluid.

Basically this system uses the force of your foot on the brake pedal to apply brakes and the car multiplies that force to accumulate enough force to apply brake. The brakes transmit this force to the tires with enough friction.

What are the Different Parts?

One of the most important part of your car is your car brakes, as it is the only thing which can stop your car from hitting into obstacles, so it is crucial that all parts involved in the process should be in excellent condition. We have given some information about the components involved in the car braking system.

  • Piston:It is basically a cylindrical plug attached to the rod on one end and closed on the other and the force is relayed throughthe piston to the rod.
  • Cylinders:The hole that contains pistons is the master cylinder, which is the part where system pressure is produced and task of the other cylinders is to generate movement. Wheel cylinders are used in drum brakes.
  • Caliper:This is the part which is involved with the disc brakes, it forms the cylinder containing piston and brakethe pods, which allows braking by acting on a rotating disc.
  • Brake Pads: These components normally cover the disc and clamps to reduce motion from each side. These takes force received from piston and converts that force into kinetic energy of the car to thermal energy using friction.
  • Brake Shoe: The brake shoe is normally used with drum brake system. This is the metal carrier which has the friction linings attached
car brake different parts
Car Brake Different Parts

Brake Repairs We Offer

Here at Orange County Mobile Mechanics we offerBrake Pad Replacement, Emergency/Parking Brake Cable Replacement, Brake Caliper Replacement, Brake System Flush, Brake Master Cylinder Replacement, Power Brake Booster Replacement, Brake Rotors/Discs Replacement, Brake Wheel Cylinder Replacement, Emergency/Parking Brake Shoe Replacement, Brake Drum Replacement, Brake Shoe Replacement, ABS Control Module Replacement and Brake Hose Replacement.

Maintain your Car Brakes with Orange County Mobile Mechanics

Orange County Mobile Mechanics is at your service whenever you need us. Our team of professional mechanics is at your disposal even if you have a road-side emergency or if you’re looking for a seasonal maintenance. To schedule your affordable and honest service today, feel free to call us on 714-709-4594.

Risks Involved in DIY Auto-Repairs

Many people thinks that they can repair their automobiles by them self and save time and money by that process, but they are completely ignoring the risks involved in such activity and without proper expertise and precautions, one could actually risk their well-being in order to save some time.


Dangerous Repairs
Dangerous Repairs

Dangerous Repairs

There are various auto repairs in which one has to lift their car off the ground and in order to that they have to use electrical equipment to accomplish the task at hand. Hence by taking the matters in your own hand can put yourself at risk, if that electrical equipment is not handled properly or at times when it malfunctions, then it can be a real risk to your well-being. We always recommend you to let a qualified professional handle your car repairs, because your life is more important than some expenditure.

Make the Issue Worse

If you don’t have precise knowledge, then you can accidentally make the issue worse with a DIY auto-repair, as some DIY auto-repair are not easy and straightforward as they may seem to look. Until and unless you don’t hold proper knowledge and experience of such repairs, please don’t go for doing the repairs by yourself, as you will end up causing more damage to your automobile.

Costs More in the Long Run

If you go aheadand try to fix the issue by yourself and while fixing the issue if you misjudged some problem or implemented the wrong solution, then you might end up causing serious issue in your car and end up spending more money on repairs. It can be later on can prove to be a threat to your pockets and also to your life, as car with unsolved issues can be extremely dangerous and life threatening, if you drive it on road.

Leave it to the Experts

Years of training and knowledge can’t be replaced by some DIY auto-repair list. It is for your own best that you allow a professional auto repair mechanic solve issues of your car. At Orange County Mobile Mechanics our team of expert professionals with years of experience can assist you with multiple issues such as clutch and transmission, belts, heating and AC, battery, brakes, computer and ABS diagnostics, doors, engine (under the hood),ignition, sensors, suspension and steering, filters, fluids, fuel system, hoses, lights, mirrors, tires, windowsand wiper system.


Schedule Auto-Repairs with Orange County Mobile Mechanics Now

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Does Mobile Auto Repair Cost More?

If you’re tired of verifying various options for a car repair or you’re the one who lacks the temperament of leaving your car in a garage for days, then you might have to consider getting a mobile auto repair services. Many vehicle owners are amazed by the fact that Mobile Mechanics costs reasonably lower, when you calculate the amount of time and gasoline you spent in order to get your car fixed by the traditional garage.

Things you should consider before getting Mobile Mechanic

  • Similar Cost

In recent spending time is equivalent to spend money out of your pocket, as many of you might have to take off from your work to pay a visit to a traditional repair shop and also wait for hours in their office till your car is getting repaired. Mobile Mechanics offers you extreme convenience by saving your time, money on gasoline and on top of that you can get your car repaired in the comfort of your premises, while doing your work at the exact same price rage. When you compare the price rage of the traditional repair shop and mobile mechanic, then you will see that the Mobile Mechanics has offered great convenience, without adding extra cost to their services.

  • Benefits

Now with Mobile Mechanics you won’t die of boredom, while waiting in line for your turn, as with Mobile Mechanics features exceptional personalized service with amazing on-on-one beneficial advice and with Mobile Mechanics you receive the customer service which you always deserved and enjoy extreme flexibility. Mobile mechanic services are spontaneous and repairs your car coming at your location at conveniently lower time than an average traditional repair shop.

  • Choosing an effective Mobile Mechanics Service

Just like you verify various repair shops before you take your car there for a repair, selecting an reliable and efficient Mobile Mechanics is also important, as many of them don’t offers what they describe. In recent time everyone is busy in their lives and that’s the main reason why Mobile Mechanics are preferred by most of the local businesses and residents who wanthigh-quality, cost-effectiveand trustworthy repairs.

Before you go ahead and select any Mobile mechanics, you might have to search online and check about the reviews they have received for their services and more importantly, they should have good reputation in the community. If you live within Aliso Viejo, Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Cypress, Dana Point, Fountain, Valley, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Laguna Hills, Laguna Woods, Lake Forest, Los Alamitos, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Orange, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Santa Ana, Seal Beach, Stanton, Tustin, Villa Park, Westminster, then Orange County Mobile Mechanics is only a call away.


  • Enjoy convenience with Mobile Mechanic services

towing services
towing services

Mobile Mechanics can be extremely useful when your suck in middle of nowhere with a faulty vehicle and towing services are extremely expensive and time consuming. You should always keep the contact of a Mobile Mechanic to save you from such discomfort and if you come under the service area of Orange County Mobile Mechanics, then you have to just give us a call tofulfill any variety of your auto repair and maintenance needs. To schedule your affordable and honest service today, feel free to call us on 714-709-4594.